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Alessi Gianni Kitchen Jars by Mattia Di Rosa

The classic kitchen jar reinterpreted by designer Mattia Di Rosa, with rather than on the outside, the design here is to be found on the inside.

With a strong pinch of irony, Di Rosa has created Gianni, the little man that clings to the lid. The hermetic jar is suddenly so much fun that you won't want to fill it.

This listing consists of a Bundle of three Jars:

AMDR04 Y Gianni Jar 70cl in Yellow

AMDR05 Y Gianni Jar 90cl in Yellow

AMDR06 Y Gianni Jar 140cl in Yellow


Material: Thermoplastic Resin / Glass 

Care: Hand Wash

Size: Assorted

Colour: Yellow

Design: Mattia Di Rosa

Brand: Alessi (Italy) 

Product Number: AMDR04/5/6 Y

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