Bring beauty to your floral arrangements

Designed with beauty, elegance and versatility in mind, BLOOM vases will brighten any space in the home or workplace and are sure to leave a lasting impression when given as a gift.

The BLOOM vase delivers more than first expected with multiple ways it can bring a gift to life, providing peace-of-mind when gifting. The vases are available in two sizes and come with two brushed brass plates allowing intricate flower arrangements to be created with ease.

Bloom Candle Vase

These vases are individually crafted as they are hand-blown of clear glass creating an elegant piece on its own or why not consider a set?

Suitable for both fresh or dry flowers and allowing an elaborate arrangement to be created or beauty in simplicity with a single flower. But... why stop with flowers?


Check out the images below for another surprising use of the BLOOM vase...



Bloom Vases Lifestyle1Bloom Vase Medium Lifiestyle2Bloom Vase Lifestyle3

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